Accelerating the Future of Energy, Together

Energy transformation must be the basis for Puerto Rico’s sustainable development, and to achieve this, the island needs a reliable and resilient system to guarantee the continuation of electric services to all Puerto Ricans.

For the last 20 years, from our energy complex in Guayama, through our solar power plant AES Ilumina and our thermal plant, we have been a critical element in bringing energy to Puerto Ricans. As part of our commitment to the island, we always act with the highest ethical and safety standards, keeping the interests of the community in mind. For this reason, we have implemented multiple social programs in education, promotion of entrepreneurship, and the development of the local economy, all of which have had a positive impact on Guayama. 



AES Puerto Rico generates around 25% of the energy consumed by the island through the thermal and solar plants in Guayama, equivalent to meeting the demand of nearly 500,000 Puerto Ricans.



AES Puerto Rico creates hundreds of direct and indirect jobs on the Island. Every day our teams work to provide safe and reliable energy that serves homes, schools and hospitals.



AES Puerto Rico is one of the largest private investors on the Island and continues to invest in its future. We have announced a future investment of over $600 million to accelerate Puerto Rico’s energy transformation and meet increased energy demands



AES Puerto Rico fully complies with all federal and local environmental laws and regulations that govern our power generation operations



At AES Puerto Rico we promote social impact projects in education, health and local entrepreneurship that contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate

We believe in sustainable development

At AES we envision a future driven by a more sustainable, highly electrified, interconnected, and digitized energy system. Our proposed solutions are backed by a focus on both technological and commercial innovation. AES was one of the original pioneers of energy storage through the Fluence company and we continue to lead the market in incorporating new technologies and applications that benefit our customers and the entire electrical grid.  We have made a strategic investment in 5B / Maverick technology, an accordion-shaped solar energy solution that allows adding solar resources at a rate three times faster and provides up to two times more energy within the same footprint of traditional solar installations. This is a resilient and proven measure against hurricanes, up to Category 4. Learn more here about AES’ vision for how energy transformation can contribute to Puerto Rico’s sustainable development.


Global Energy Solutions

Now our local team looks to the future, towards accelerating the island’s energy transition, so as to advance the reduction of its carbon footprint, and being prepared to do so long before 2027 through investments in renewable energy that take into account the current plans outlined by the electric sector authorities, such as Puerto Rico’s Integrated Resource Plan, which lays out a roadmap with specific dates and goals adapted to the realities of the island. 

AES has experience in successful energy transitions in other countries equivalent to 20 times our operation in Puerto Rico. In 2020, we achieved our global goal of reducing coal-based generation to less than 30% of our energy portfolio, and due to this achievement, we have set a new goal to reach 10% in 2025 (5 years earlier than planned), as well as net-zero electricity emissions globally by 2040. We have also decommissioned more than 10,500 MW of energy generated from oil and coal derivatives since 2016, placing us as the second company in the US to have achieved this in absolute terms, and the first in terms relative to our total capacity.

Pioneers of Energy Storage

AES was one of the original pioneers of energy storage though the Fluence company and we continue to lead the market in incorporating new technologies and applications that benefit our customers and the entire electrical grid. 

Alliance with Google

AES is forming a strategic alliance with Google to accelerate the future of energy. We envision a future that is powered with smart and sustainable technology.

Partnership with 5B

Together with 5B, we’re deploying up to 2X more solar energy 3X faster using 50% less land, making clean energy available in places previously thought impossible. We’re removing the barriers to widespread solar energy adoption, ushering in a new wave of customers to meet their short-term and long-term clean energy goals. 

Supporting Hawaii's Transition to Renewable Energy

AES is helping Hawaii accelerate and responsibly transition toward a carbon-free energy future with a vast pipeline of renewable projects across the islands, totaling over 200 MW of solar and wind resources either in operation or in various stages of development. Our operating projects are available to provide critical power when it’s needed most, and our renewable energy projects under development will contribute toward the state’s goal of 100% renewable energy.


Accelerating Decarbonization Efforts in Chile

AES signed an agreement with the Government of Chile, allowing for the closure of 1,097 MW of coal generation as soon as 2025. Signed at the Moneda Palace in Santiago, this agreement represents the single largest coal retirement announcement by any power company in Chile to date and includes roughly 20% of the country’s installed coal capacity.  Read more…


Custom Energy Solutions

We offer custom energy solutions for your business: Renewable energy, natural gas based cogeneration, battery energy storage and hybrid systems.

For industrial clients with energy consumption of more than 1 MW, we offer solutions through zero investment power purchase agreements. 

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